When Your Debt Management Program Fails Remember Government Backed Elimination is Better Anyway

The best debt management program can easily fail in a depression. When you’re handed a pink slip, just smile and get ready to give your credit card debt back to the people that gave it to you with a government-backed debt elimination system that is so powerful Congress may be forced to repeal the law.

There are a couple of things you’ll need to look at so you can easily understand how all this works. Enter the search term “where does money come from” and you’ll discover the banking industry pulled it out of thin air. That money can also vanish much like the 401(k) plan where all of your money mysteriously “disappeared” when the market crashed. Where did that money go to? It vanished back into thin air.

So here you are with all this card debt that you were managing magnificently, making every payment on time when one day you had a flat tire on your car and didn’t make it to the post office to get that all-important postmark on your card bill which as you remember resulted in the card company raising your interest rate to the 30% range.

Now this doesn’t seem quite fair does it? If you search the term “Frontline–the credit card game” you’ll see you were really suckered into a game that is impossible to win. The bankers figure you’re not very intelligent so jacking your percentage rate to 30% won’t make any difference to you.

You were suckered in and you were playing along with the game by sending in probably one third to half of what you earned to the banker who supposedly loaned you money that he pulled from thin air. There’s just one tiny problem here. You’re learning how the greedy system works and you are beginning to get upset. This last little bit of knowledge is going to show you how to make the bankers debt money vanish back into thin air just as if he was in a big market crash.

Here is the information that strikes fear in the heart of every card company and banker on the planet. Search “FTC debt video” and watch the cartoon show which explains your rights under a very old law written back in 1966. It’s the final piece of the debt management puzzle you need to totally eliminate your debt.

When you realize that neither the banker nor his collector can show legal proof of any money being loaned to you then you’ve won the game and beat the bank. Yes, it necessary to write a demand for proof letter but it will only take you 15 or 20 minutes and it certainly makes more sense than sending another card payment.

Managing card debt is easy and simple once you learn the bankers’ tricks. He’s already done it to you so it’s your turn to give back the debt turkey on a silver platter with a note that you don’t want eat a 30% interest rate anymore! Live life and have fun!