Debt Management Program - Are You Financially Sinking?

Financial debt is not an easy thing to live with. Finances are one of the biggest stressors in families and if debt added to that mix the stress climbs right along with the family’s debt. If you have identified that you need debt assistance enrolling in a debt management program is an excellent choice for you. What can you expect with a debt management program? Once you have selected a consumer credit agency to help you they will prepare several different options to help you get rid of debt. Look over the proposals carefully and choose the one that is appropriate for your financial situation. Once you have done this your counselor will then contact your creditors and begin negotiating with them.

Your counselor will talk with your creditors and discuss the lowest payment they are willing to accept. Along with this they normally can either stop or significantly lower the interest rate or any fees that have been assessed while you are enrolled in a debt management program. Once the debt management process has begun, you can expect it to take as long as six years. This, of course, is dependent upon the severity of your debt. Do not forget that you did not get into this position overnight and it will take some time and diligence on your part to bring your finances under control and your credit back into good standing. In addition, usually your credit card accounts will be closed (sometimes you are allowed one for emergencies) until you have completed the debt management program.

The debt management program is not a magic pill and it requires dedication on your part. It is important that you make your payments to the agency on time so that payments to your creditors are received when due. Many agencies accept online payments or banking. This is a convenient method to ensure success. You will still receive statements from your creditors and it is vital that you look at them and inform your counselor if you notice an error in the processing of payments contact your counselor, they are there to help you, it is up to you to take control of your finances. You will probably still received “pre-approved” offers for credit cards - throw these away and do not even look at them. If you open them, the temptation to apply will be great to apply for them and you risk sabotaging all your hard work. Control your spending and if you have any questions or concerns during the time of your enrollment in a debt management program do not hesitate to contact your counselor. They are there to help you on the road to financial success.