Is it Time to Settle Your Credit Card Debt?

Credit card debt - unlike any other kind of consumer debt - is hard to eliminate, even with conscientious monthly payments. Over time, the compounding interest and minimum monthly payments shackle the consumer to an ever increasing debt. In these uncertain economic times, there is also the chance that the credit card debt will cause consumers to fall behind, and within just a few months the occasional late payments will have graduated into a serious bad credit debt that threatens to utterly destroy the debtor’s credit record. If you find yourself heading in this direction, is it not time to settle your credit card debt?

As easy as it is to rack up the credit card debt, getting rid of it takes a bit more time and very careful planning. First and foremost, it is high time to reevaluate spending behaviors that seem to gradually spiral out of control. It starts out innocently enough: you may put a new pair of shoes on the credit card and then pay off the card the next month. Soon after, you might buy another little luxury item, but this time let the balance ride and simply pay the minimum monthly payment; before long, you most likely find yourself paying for necessities - such as food or utilities - with the help of the credit card. The need for an emergency stop to your credit spending, however, never becomes more obvious than when you begin paying one credit card with another.

Frugality does not have to be a hard pill to swallow, if you keep reminding yourself of the ultimate goal: financial freedom. Begin by making a list of all of your expenses and also your income. If the former exceeds the latter, it is time for some serious cost cutting. Maybe there is a gym membership you could cancel, a second or third car you could do without, or a serious cut in the grocery and restaurant expenditures you could make. While one slash might not do the trick, the sum of accumulated spending cuts could quite possibly put you in a much better financial situation. Next, stop using your credit cards. Sure, they are convenient, but it is far too easy to get caught up in the spending of the moment and once again rack up some significant bills.

Next, sit down and consider the best way to settle your outstanding credit card debt. Debt settlement is an easy process that involves little more than a meeting with a skilled debt negotiator who takes a good look at your debt to income ratio, your expenses, income, and also monthly payments. Working with you and for you, the debt settlement agency now negotiates with your creditors and more often than not gets them to relent and slash a huge chunk of indebtedness off your account. In return for your promise to make monthly payments of a specified amount, late fees and over the limit fees are erased, and quite often the overall balance due is also drastically reduced. Some consumers have seen cuts in up to 40% of their overall debt. Settle your credit card debt now and become debt free before you know it!