A Shot of Wisdom - An In Debt Look

I have a problem and I want to solve it! This is my mantra and this is my battle cry.

I’ve always had things easy in terms of providing for my family. I always make it a point that I deduct all of my overhead for payments, loans and the like monthly. Even after deducting all of these things, I always had something left over for family “FUN”.

Then it happened! At a blink of an eye, everything fell into shambles…

This was something new to me. It was no laughing matter. In my history of living in this earth,, all of the problems that came to me were always resolved without any hitches. I finally met my match or dare I say I’ve been out-matched. If this had happened to me more than a year ago, I would have packed my bags and changed my name.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about pure unadulterated debt. Some people even call it the grim reaper.

Why am I glad that it happened?

It made me realize a couple of things.

  1. We were placed on this earth to prepare.
  2. Money as lord is paganism.
  3. All things are finite.
  4. We were born “naked”.
  5. The opposite of down is up.

Let me explain what I’ve written.

  1. We were placed on this earth to prepare.

    I am very happy that a friend of mine from high school invited me to a Bible study more than a year ago. At first, I was very skeptical because most of my life I was agnostic. I never really attended anything religious that I wasn’t forced into attending. The center of the universe during that time was me, myself and I. But, when I attended this Bible study my eyes were opened to a lot of things. We were placed on this earth to prepare for an after life with God. I’m sure that there will be people reading this article who won’t agree with me. This is what I feel. I continued attending Bible study weekly and the more I felt an emptiness inside me getting filled with belief and hope. Material things are but a part of earthly possessions for the greater glorification of God.

  2. Money as lord is paganism.

    I used to believe that I earn money in order to gain buying power. As I practiced my profession, I learned a great deal regarding free clinics and free examinations. I used to share with some of my friends that the more I made my clinic free, the more I earned. ( For those who don’t know, I’m a doctor). I don’t know how to explain this phenomenon of giving free clinics but earning more. This is what happened to me. Maybe the thing that went against me was that my earnings went to acquiring material things instead of giving offerings for God. I can’t believe that I actually fell into the trap of making money as my lord. As I recall a Bible Study session, it was stated that you should give a minimum of 10% of your earnings as offerings to God. I did not do this that time. That’s one of the reasons why I’m in this predicament.

  3. and

  4. All things are finite. We were born “naked”.

    “Ashes to ashes and dust to dust”. Everything in THIS world has an ending. Taking things into context, this means we were born naked and we will die naked. It is a finite world. We can’t bring anything else in the afterlife except what we did during our lifetime. If we planned ahead by glorifying God and increasing our faith, we will live eternally in the afterlife with God. This made me remember a saying in the Bible that my sister-in-law told me. “ Why are you afraid that your house is not finished? My house is in ruins”. She told me this to emphasize a point. The point that came across to me was that I would rather spend on things for my own consumption but my faith is not evident. She really got a bull’s eye. I could still feel the arrow piercing me. I won’t be able to bring my house in the afterlife. But, increasing my faith will help me live in the temple of the Lord forever.

  5. The opposite of down is up.

    I’ve hit rock bottom. I believe in signs given to me by the Lord. There were nights I could not sleep because I was thinking of what I needed to do. Sometimes, I’ll wake-up at night because my dreams were horrific. But, as the saying goes “ When God shuts the door, He opens a window”. The door definitely got shut. I’m doing everything to improve where I am. It takes 2 to tango. God will only open the window if I do my part. Just today, I received signs that there will be a better tomorrow. I am banking on this because of my faith.

Now. Why did I go through all of those steps? What is the connection with fatherhood?

I have 2 kids to feed and a very loving wife. I don’t want to let them down. I’ve always treated work in order to send my kids to school, buy a nice house and get a nice car. Fatherhood is not just providing all of these things for my family. Fatherhood means standing in the face of adversity STRONG IN FAITH WITH YOUR FAMILY BY YOUR SIDE.